Let's get started by logging into your account. Click here to log in (opens new window).

Once you login, click on the "Customize Your Website" button on the dashboard.

This will take you to the Website Editing Page. This is simply your website, except now all the content is editable.

On the top of this page, you will find the Control Panel. This panel controls publishing of content, and adding new components to your website.

IMPORTANT! After making changes to your website, you must click the red "PUBLISH" button, otherwise changes
will not be saved.

TIP! If you make a big mistake and publish it, you can always revert to a previous version of your website by choosing a version from the "Editing History."

Text widget


Linking to Another Site on the Web

1) Highlight the text you could like to make into a link and click on the link icon.

2) Enter the URL in the Link dialog box and click Okay.

[Advanced] Linking to another part of your website

1) Link to a specific part of a page on your website, using ANCHORS. 
To do this, place your cursor next to the part of the page you'd like to link to, and click on the anchor button. 

1) Enter a name for your anchor and click Okay. You'll use this name to create a link later.

You can now link to this part of your page from anywhere by adding a pound sign followed by the anchor name to the end of the URL. (eg. www.mygreatwebsite.com/About#anchor1). Now, add a link the same you always do (by clicking on the Link icon) from anywhere else on your website.


To add a table inside a text widget, click on the table button on the panel of icons while you are editing a
particular text widget.

Choose table options inside the popup.

Right click inside a table to see advanced options for edititing rows, columns, and cells.


To upload a document (PDF) as link onto your website, click on the link button in the icons menu while editing the text widget.

Then choose the "Upload" button and browse your computer for the file.

Finally click on the upload button to upload the file onto your computer, and hit okay.